but life is

short, beautiful, cruel;
what it is,
or what you make of it.

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Bastille Day - by: Paul SKG

Cannot wait for these nights again

Nature ❀ Hippie☮Witchy☽O☾

Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Sunset by Dave Allen

untitled by Teófilo on Flickr.

ميخا ايكو

by iamsoria on Flickr.

Keeping secrets…

suchawildworld asked: Another writer, eh? What do you write?

Poetry and short stories, though I’ve had writer’s block for a little while now… :(

lilas-et-la-ville asked: Hi :) I just wanted to tell you that I find inspiration in your photos and often reblog them... they are really beautiful :) also you have great music list.. What is your favourite music genre and what do you like to do in your free time? :)

Wow, thanks so much for the compliments!! xx I actually adore the playlist I put together for this blog haha. My fav music genre is indie, and in my free time I like writing, photography, traveling, snowboarding, and hiking! And listening to lots of music, of course :)